We run a licensing programme on a global basis, providing organisations with a quick route to market in the AXELOS Best Practice and APMG-International accredited training arena.

We provide three options for offering accredited training in the Best Management Practice methods:


This is an arrangement for an organisation to sell ACA training products and claim a commission for each sale.  This option provides a quick route to the market and provides a nationwide public course schedule, onsite client courses and online accredited e-learning. The process for setting up a reseller arrangement can be completed within a day.


Ideal for companies wishing to gain a quick route to the market. Affiliates may use the required trademarks (i.e. PRINCE2®) in materials and advertise training events under their own banner. In association with ACA, examinations will be ordered, and the administration will be taken off your hands. Although ACA materials must be used, Affiliates do have an option to rebrand and print these. ACA can provide Approved Trainers for training events run by the Affiliate. The process for setting up an Affiliate arrangement takes 1-2 weeks.

ATO Licensee

To offer accredited training in the AXELOS best practice methods, it is required that organisations are either an Affiliate of an existing Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), or are an ATO in their own right. To become an ATO, you need accredited training materials approved by APMG-International. ACA’s accredited materials are available under a license agreement. You will also need to develop a Quality Manual and Procedures based on APMG-International’s required standards. At least one trainer must also be identified. An ATO License agreement can be setup in 2 days.