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The Certification Program aims to foster a common minimum level of knowledge and understanding amongst individuals working on PPPs or those interested in learning about PPPs, regardless of discipline or sector.

It has been designed to create a consistency of terms used in PPPs and to standardize the process for the delivery of PPP projects worldwide.

Authored by a team of international experts, the PPP Certification Program Guide is at the core of the Certification Program. It includes extensive regional and sectoral knowledge and comprises PPP best practices from around the world. The Guide will therefore be applicable to many markets, however due to the current disparity in global practices, it may not be relevant to every market. All candidates, whatever their level of experience, will need to study the Guide prior to taking the exam. Answers should be based on the Guide content as opposed to a candidate’s previous experience – these answers may often be the same but in some cases might be different.

The PPP Guide covers the following chapters that form part of the process to attaining the credential.

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